Foundry & Techinical Services

Indian Foundry Industry occupies special importance in shaping the country’s economy. India, with a production of about 9.95 million tons of castings per year is currently the 3rd largest producer of ferrous and non-ferrous castings in the world. India has over 6000 foundries in the small, medium and large scale sector to its credit.The installed capacity is estimated to be 15 million tons and capacity utilization is approx 60%. It is expected that the casting production in India will touch 12 million tonnes in next 3 years and 20 million tons in subsequent 3 years.

Indian Foundry Industry is successfully facing the challenges of producing high precision and quality castings conforming to International standards. Still, Indian Foundry Industry has to go a long way to stabilize as the best casting producer in the world.

FTS being a catalyst organization run by top level foundry experts can extend support to needy foundries and other metallurgical industries to achieve the desired result.