Product & Services

FTS is a catalyst organisation run by top level foundry experts to extend support to needy foundries and other metallurgical industries.

Foundry Industry growing steadily globally faced severe recession since 2008 bringing down the demand for castings leading to price reduction and various other issues. Severe recession coupled with shortage of power, high energy cost and acute shortage of manpower have questioned the existence of Foundry Industry. MBN being a close associate of Foundry Industry thought it wise to set up a catalyst Organization run by top level foundry men to extend support to needy Foundries and other Metallurgical Industries. Accordingly, the new Organization ‘ FOUNDRY & TECHNICAL SERVICES’ (FTS), an associate company of MBN is set up by a team of foundry experts with over 35 years practical experience functioning on full time basis from Coimbatore.

FTS offer wide range of services from concept to completion such as:

  • Management consultancy
  • Preparation of Detailed Project Report
  • Planning & execution of green field projects.
  • Modernization / expansion of existing units
  • Revival of sick units
  • Process selection and implementation
  • Identification of suitable plants & machineries
  • Optimization of capital / operational costs
  • Energy management / Pollution control
  • Product development from concept to customer acceptance
  • Sourcing of castings for esteemed clients
  • Manpower assistance,……..etc.

FTS organize supply of complete range of Foundry Equipment in India and abroad. Major items include:

  • Melting equipment and peripherals
  • Moulding and core making system
  • Sand plant including Sand mixers
  • Mechanical & thermal sand reclamation plants
  • Testing and quality control equipment
  • Material handling equipment including cranes
  • Vibration equipments
  • Combustion equipments

Projects already executed or under execution by FTS :

  • Consultancy & Technical Services, Modernization of Foundry Unit, Steel Industrials Kerala Ltd., Palghat, Kerala.
  • Preparation of Detailed Project Report, Establishing Integrated Foundry Unit, Ferosmith Engineering Consortium Pvt. Ltd., Kozhikode, Kerala.
  • Training Foundry Team and Product development, HMT Ltd., Kalamassery, Kerala.
  • Foundry Consultancy & Technical Services, Modernizing the Existing Foundry and setting up a new Foundry, Mandara Enterprises, Bengaluru, Karnataka
  • Project Proposal for Foundry Expansion, KIE Engineering Pvt. Ltd., Roorkee, Uttarachal.
  • Preparation of Detailed Project Report, Modernisation of Foundry unit, Kerala Electricals Ltd., Quilon, Kerala.
  • Preparation of Project Report, setting up Foundry unit, The Metal Industries ltd., Shoranur, Palghat, Kerala.
  • FTS is selected as the technical consultant for setting up a modern Steel Foundry in West Bengal to produce sophisticated steel castings for Indian Railways.
  • Besides the above, our team has executed several major Foundry Projects in their previous assignments.


    FTS have contacts with most of the foundries in India, capable of producing castings meeting the requirement of esteemed customers, viz. quantity, quality, delivery & price. Castings sourced by FTS include ductile iron castings, alloys iron castings, Ni-hard castings, steel castings, GI castings and castings required for special applications. FTS is in a position to supply fully machined components also

International Tie up:

FTS has entered into an agreement with world renowned technical consultancy organization "M/s. MAC GmbH , Switzerland/Germany" to work together in the field of foundry - Mechanical Engineering - Primary Industry & Services.

MAC was established in 2003 and has gained an important role in the foundry and machine building sector. MAC team comprises of committed and experienced professionals operating worldwide. Their knowhow is a function of more than 200 years spent in a wide variety of Consulting, Planning, Production Companies serving the machine building and foundry sector. Added to this, MAC has an international net work of partner companies and freelancers from engineering and consulting world whose cooperation guarantees access to specialized expertise and great flexibility in capacity planning. MAC is committed to implement best solution to every problem they handle.